Holiday Sales Strategy For Your Business
Holiday season is just around the corner! With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, it’s time to introduce and discuss strategic holiday sales and its importance to the small business community.
Etsy Star Seller Award
How Etsy's New Star Seller Award Affects You
Etsy launched their Star Seller award feature, which is a method for Etsy to reward the shops that are doing exceptionally. Does that mean your Etsy shop will receive the Star Seller Award?
Referral Programs For Your Shop
Keeping your customers happy creates loyal customers, and what are those loyal customers most likely to do? Refer their friends of course! With the right referral program you can turn your customers into a huge part of your marketing.
The Power Of Tik Tok Marketing
Get your phone camera out and start marketing your passion with Tik Tok!
Is Your Shop Taking Full Advantage Of Social Media?
With the pandemic hitting and new small businesses opening every day we thought we should shine some light on social media. Everyone uses it, but the ones that use it correctly get the most out of it.
E-commerce Giveaways
Benefits of Giveaways and Contests
Attract new consumers while keeping your loyal consumers happy with giveaways or contests here and there.
E-commerce discount code creation
E-Commerce Discount Codes
Want to bring in new customers? You should try using discount codes!
Email Newsletters
What Makes A Perfect Newsletter
Having a newsletter is a must for every shop, it's basics. But does yours have one?
Referral Incentives
Creating and running ads can be yielding success, but are you missing out on referral tactics that can really push your marketing forward?