Website SEO
Why Getting A Custom Domain Is Important
Leave your consumers with a strong first impression with an even stronger domain.
Customer Service
Getting Visitors To Your E-Commerce Store
You can stumble upon an awesome store in real life but it's harder for people to stumble upon your e-commerce online. These few tips could be what your shop needs!
E-commerce Shopping.jpg
Brand Trust: Protecting Customer Information
Ever wonder how people are able to easily shop at e-commerce stores without thinking twice? It's because they're trusted by their consumers to handle their transactions.
Visual web design
Visual Hierarchy
Is your website optimized to be the best it can? Find out now!
Good customer service
Building Your E-Commerce Business
Don't know if the handmade shops niche is ideal ? With the right amount of work it could be!
Color Wheel for Web Design
Picking the Perfect Palette
Colors equal emotions. Are you evoking the feelings you want with the colors your shop uses?
Happy Customer Easy UI
UI Best Practices
Good content is always a must. But have you ever wondered what else goes into it? Hint, it's in this blog post.
E-commerce Shipping
How To Ship Smart
Keep your customers happy and your costs down. Let your shipping strategy help you with that!
Ecommerce checkout process
Simplifying Your Checkout Process
Checkout or get out? You don't want that on your customers minds. Make your checkout simple!