How Etsy's New Star Seller Award Affects You

Does your shop qualify?

Sept. 10, 2021

On July 28, 2021, Etsy launched their Star Seller award feature, which is a method for Etsy to reward the shops that are doing exceptionally well in providing outstanding customer experiences; for instance, shops that are able to respond to customers’ questions and comments in a timely manner, provide fast shipping and obtain five-star ratings.

As a seller, you will be able to find a new section titled “Star Seller” on your Shop Manager dashboard. From there, you will find an analysis of how well you are performing in terms of message response time, shipping speed, and sales and orders quantity. At the start of every month, Etsy will analyze your store’s performance in the past three months and determine whether or not your store would qualify for the Star Seller badge. According to the Etsy official website, here are the following areas that Etsy will analyze to determine your qualification:

Response Rate: your store responds to 95% or more of the initial messages from buyers within the first 24 hours.

Shipping: 95% or more of orders ship within the stated processing time and with tracking or you purchased a shipping label on Etsy. Digital orders will not require tracking information.

5-star ratings: 95% or more of reviews have 5-star ratings.

Orders, sales and shop tenure; your store must have at least 10 orders and $300 in sales within the three month review period prior to taxation and shipping fees, and have been on Etsy for 90 days since the first sale.

The above is simply a quick outline of the criteria that Etsy decided to use for determining whether a store will be an Etsy’s Star Seller. Please visit the website for more detailed information. We now know how this feature will affect the sellers on Etsy, but how does it impact the buyers who are browsing the site?

Why was it introduced?

This feature, according to Etsy, highlights sellers who are providing excellent customer experiences. As a result, it allows buyers to quickly and efficiently recognize shops that they know will provide a satisfying purchase experience. Instead of having to scroll through comments, ratings and pictures, buyers can quickly spot sellers with the Star Seller badge, which will appear on the shop. However, Etsy stated that having a Star Seller badge would not impact the shop’s search ranking. In other words, the buyers would still have to scroll through different shops to spot those that have obtained the badge.

How can small businesses benefit from this?

With this new change, as a small business owner using Etsy’s platform, you might find yourself wondering how it would impact your sales performance. Blocklight found that this feature would not only motivate small businesses to continually improve on providing better customer experience, but also benefit the owners because Etsy would display the stores’ performance on the seller’s dashboard. Similarly, Blocklight provides features on our site that would give store owners’ insights into their shop performance. However, we will be more detailed with our analysis because we want the small businesses that use our platform to excel not only in their sales performance but also their marketing efforts. Check out Blocklight by clicking here to sign up for free!