The Power of Goal Setting

July 6, 2020

Setting goals will always be important


2020’s commencement introduced a renewed emphasis on setting goals. The dawn of the decade

motivated people to reevaluate their own lives and priorities as they envisioned the new chapter

as a great opportunity to hit the reset button.

But as everyone sought ways to hit the reset button, unexpectedly, the coronavirus pandemic

required individuals and organizations to instead hit the pause button. Coronavirus changed

everything about our world, including the way we think about our goals, as long-term priorities

shifted toward short-term realities.

While the way we set goals and analyze our own lives has undoubtedly changed with this season

of uncertainty, the simple act of setting goals and the power behind this practice nonetheless

withstands our ever-changing world and expectations.

Setting Goals Builds Relationships

It is crucial to maintain and build relationships, especially in this period of isolation and social

distancing. Setting common goals and sharing viewpoints provides a cohesive sense to any

team setting. Working toward a common purpose together has the ability to bond team-members

and further educate them on the value and objectives of your organization.

Setting Goals Offers Hope

Although the recent economic upheaval and social change gives probable cause for fear, setting

goals may provide a source of direction and hope. In the midst of uncertainty and seclusion,

history proves that beautiful things still arise within extraordinary circumstances. Shakespeare

penned King Lear in a period of quarantine, and Issac Newton uncovered the universal law of

gravity while living in isolation. Taking the time to set goals and diligently strive to achieve

them has the power to unearth life-changing results, even amidst the uncertainty.

Setting Goals Cultivates Purpose

Finally, practicing practical positivity within yourself or your organization cultivates a spirit of

purpose and value to the work you are doing. Taking the time to re-evaluate your own needs or

that of your organization, will produce long-term results. Within the reigns of practicality, instill

a positive approach to the goals you determine. A study conducted by Harvard Business revealed

the power of writing down goals. The study showed that people who put their goals on paper were

42% more likely to achieve them. Furthermore, the study revealed that 3% of graduates

from an MBA program who wrote down their goals, earned ten times as much as the remaining

97%. Writing down your goals and using the extra time wisely orients your objectives and values

toward a common purpose.

Despite our changing environments and conceptions, the practice of setting goals inevitably

bonds teams of individuals, provides a sense of hope, and fosters value and purpose within an

organization. The worldwide pandemic we face is powerful, but it is important to understand the

enduring nature of goal setting. Transform fear of the unknown into a confidence of what you do

know, by realizing the persevering power of setting goals and cultivating life-changing results.

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